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The Positive Leadership Certificate Program focuses on helping leaders develop a more positive mindset to achieve personal and organizational goals. A positive leader is more self-confident, optimistic, and resilient. This positivity results in a more creative, energetic, and productive workforce.

There’s plenty of evidence that positive leaders make a big difference in government agencies, corporations, and other community organizations. Positive leaders create an atmosphere that produces lower turnover, higher productivity, greater satisfaction, and a host of desirable bottom-line outcomes.

Each seminar is four hours long and consists of lecture, demonstration, personal assessments, and experiential learning.

The Positive Leadership Certificate Program leverages the talents of two George Mason faculty members, Dr. Beth Cabrera and Dr. Steve Gladis – both of whom will bring their academic and real-world experience to focus on leadership with a special emphasis on positivity. 

If you have any questions about this program, please contact us at or 703-993-6093.



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