Mason Institute for Leadership Excellence
Center for the Advancement of Well-Being | The College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Benefits of the Program

  • Leverage positive leadership techniques and tools to excel as a leader and help your organization flourish.
  • Identify your core strengths and how to apply them for increased productivity, confidence, and success.
  • Apply positive psychology principles to effectively engage employees, enhance team performance, and sustain a positive work environment.
  • Create an organizational culture that emphasizes resilience and optimism, employee job satisfaction, and overall happiness.



  • Professionals who aspire to become respected, positive leaders within their organization.
  • Emerging leaders who need to inspire confidence and build stronger relationships with teams.
  • Middle managers who seek to develop happier teams and a more positive workplace.
  • Senior leaders who want to leverage positive leadership principles to improve their organizations’ productivity and profitability.
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