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Faculty Full Bios

 Louis Alloro

Louis Alloro, MAPP, M.Ed.

Louis is a change agent specializing in applied positive psychology, the science of human well-being and flourishing. A senior fellow at Mason's Center for the Advancement of Well-Being (CWB), he certifies other practitioners and works in learning organizations to facilitate sustainable positive culture initiatives thereby increasing engagement, improving relationships and enhancing everything overall. At our center, he has worked with the Advanced Coaching in Leadership and Well-Being Program.

Beyond his work for Mason, Louis has worked with Google, American Greetings, Siemens Health Care, Bayer, Barclay Bank, Boston Consulting Group, the city of Cleveland, University of Pennsylvania, and many learning organizations around the world.

Louis is a leading expert in applying positive psychology, the scientific study of human well-being and flourishing. He is one of the first 100 people in the world to earn a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and his toolkit is stocked with the applied sciences of well-being, success, neurobiology, appreciative inquiry, biomimicry, multiple intelligences, systems theories, and mindfulness. He consults in learning organizations to optimize culture, wellness, engagement, and performance. Louis is co-founder and executive director of The Flourishing Center’s six-month Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) program offered in 12 cities across the United States and Canada. Louis walks the talk and is known for facilitating learning experiences from his heart, leaving participants empowered to create real, positive and sustainable change.

He earned a master's degree in Education from Montclair State University and a bachelor's degree from Muhlenberg College. 

Ann Baker

Ann Baker, Ph.D.

As a professor, consultant, and facilitator, Ann draws on over 30 years of experience in emotional intelligence, systemic organization change, constructive conflict resolution to promote learning and collaboration, and the growth of individuals to mutually benefit them and the groups and organizations where they work. At our center, she works with the Rising Leader Development Program and the Mid-Level Leader Development Program.

She uses her expertise as a Professor Emerita and Organization Behavior and Change consultant with 30 years of experience to work with people in for-profit, governmental, educational, and not-for profit environments.

Ann is Professor Emerita of the Schar School of Policy and Government and a Senior Scholar at the Center for Well-Being (CWB) at Mason. She served as the Senior Associate Dean of the School of Public Policy (SPP) from 2010-2013. Earlier, she served for five years as the Program Director of the Masters in Organization Development and Knowledge Management Program, and she taught at Mason from 1996-2015. Ann has over 30 years of experience serving as an external and internal consultant to public, private, and nonprofit organizations. Her research expertise and consulting experience include creating systemic organizational change, cross-cultural communication and collaboration, conflict and change as catalytic sources of learning and innovation, emotional intelligence, and group dynamics. She is the author of numerous publications related to her research and consulting interests, including her 2010 book, Catalytic Conversations: Organizational Communication and Innovation, and her previous book, Conversational Learning: An Experiential Approach to Knowledge Creation (2002). She is an experienced facilitator of deep learning, constructive conflict resolution, and promoting systemic organizational change. In 2006, Ann received the Don Lavoie Teaching Award from the School of Public Policy at Mason. Prior to joining Mason, Ann was a Kellogg Fellow, having received a three-year Leadership Development fellowship from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for International Leaders of the Future.

She earned her doctorate degree in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University, her master's degree in public administration from the University of Tennessee, and her bachelor's degree in English from the College of Charleston.

Teresa Brodin

Teresa M. Brodin, M.Ed., ACC

Teresa has more than 25 years of experience providing leadership in organizational effectiveness, leadership development and coaching in some of the areas largest healthcare organizations, federal government, corporations and non-profits. At our center, she works with the Foundations of Strengths-Based Leadership Program, the Rising Leader Development Program, the Mid-Level Leader Development Program, and the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being Professional Certificate Program.

She has expertise in major healthcare organizations in the areas of organization development, leadership development, coaching and performance improvement. Teresa provides executive coaching and leadership education to several federal agencies, corporations and non-profits.

She has worked with organizations and individuals for over 25 years providing leadership in organizational effectiveness, leadership development and coaching. Teresa has consulted with healthcare executives, government and corporate leaders to develop the leadership skills and human capital necessary for an organization's success. As an educator and facilitator, Teresa designs and delivers workshops in conflict resolution, appreciative inquiry, coaching for improved performance, and team development. She is also a Resilient Leadership Coach. 

Teresa earned both a master's degree in Counseling and Development and a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Mason. 

Beth Cabrera

Beth Cabrera, Ph.D.

As a writer, researcher, and speaker, Beth teaches strategies that enhance the success and well-being of leaders and their organizations. Her courses, on topics including strengths, purpose, mindfulness, and workplace well-being, help leaders create positive work environments where people thrive. At our center, she works with the Foundations of Strengths-Based Leadership Program, the Rising Leader Development Program, the Mid-Level Leader Development Program, and the Positive Leadership Certificate Program.

She has designed and delivered leadership programs for executives across industries in Spain and the United States for 20 years.

Beth earned tenure as a management professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, a leading Spanish university. Upon returning to the U.S., she continued her academic career as a professor of management at Arizona State University and then as a senior research fellow at Thunderbird School of Global Management. Her research, published in some of the top academic and professional journals, has received thousands of citations. In 2009 she founded Cabrera Insights to help leaders apply principles of positive psychology for enhanced engagement and performance. Her book, Beyond Happy: Women, Work, and Well-Being, was published by ATD Press in 2015.

She earned a doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

Laurie Cameron

Laurie Cameron

Laurie, founder of PurposeBlue, shares her energy and compassion to inspire, teach, and coach internationally. She has 25 years as a leadership executive and organization change consultant, and is uniquely adept at tuning into what is needed to awaken individuals and transform organizational cultures to lead more consciously. 

A former leader in Accenture’s Change and Human Performance practice, Laurie continues to work with Fortune 100 companies globally, such as Google, Deloitte, NASDAQ, McKesson, Chevron, Fresenius, Sunovian, Mitsubishi Financial Group and many others. She translates neuroscience and mindfulness-based emotional intelligence into workplace strategies that create clarity and momentum.

Currently a senior fellow with the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being at Mason, Laurie also teaches Mindful Leadership at the Smith School of Business in Maryland, and is a certified teacher and learning mentor with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, speaking and teaching in Europe, Asia and North America. She received the Five Mindfulness Trainings from Thich Nhat Hanh, and is a frequent keynote speaker and retreat leader, sharing mindfulness and strategic change with many people.  

Laurie is the author of The Mindful Day: Practical Ways to Find Focus, Calm, and Joy from Morning to Evening. She also authored “Approaches to Mindful Strategic Change” in the book The Neuroscience of Learning and Development, Stylus, and is featured in National Geographic’s book 100 Things to Make You Happy, 2015. She is a certified executive coach with the International Coach Federation and is passionate about expressionist art, design, and staying in monasteries with her husband and daughter. 

She earned a bachelor's degree in Speech Communication, Organizational Psychology, and Attitude Change and Persuasion from the University of Maryland College Park.

Virginia Diamond

Virginia Diamond, PCC, Coaching Fellow

Virginia is a Coaching Fellow at the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being (CWB) at Mason and is the founder of Diamond Insight. She specializes in helping executives and their teams lead in the face of the ever-increasing demands of today’s world. At our center, she is a co-instructor for Module 4 of the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being Professional Certificate Program.

Virginia has more than 20 years of experience working with executives and teams across the public and private sectors. Her clients are highly analytical and committed to their mission. Clients include start-ups, small businesses, and well-established organizations, spanning the professional services firms, IT, the federal government, health care industries. Prior to founding Diamond Insight in 2004, Virginia worked for more than ten years in the corporate world for Accenture, AMS (now CGI), and Booz Allen Hamilton. She served on the faculty of Booz Allen Hamilton’s award-winning corporate university, where she taught and supported the design of several of the firm’s core management and leadership courses.

A certified leadership coach and consultant, Virginia combines practical experience with rigorous training. She holds a BA in psychology from the University of Chicago and a certificate in Organizational Development and Change Management from Georgetown University. Virginia graduated from New Ventures West coach training program. She is a PCC and received her Master Somatic Coach (MSC) accreditation from the Strozzi Institute. 

Ellen Fulton

Ellen Fulton, MCC, Director of Training, Coaching Fellow

Ellen is the Director of Training for the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being program. She assures the curriculum is cohesive and meets the standards set by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She also serves as a consistent presence and support for students across coaching modules. At our center, she works with the Foundations of Strengths-Based Leadership Program, the Rising Leader Development Program, the Mid-Level Leader Development Program, and the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being Professional Certificate Program and worked with the Advanced Coaching Program in Leadership and Well-Being.

Ellen has served as co-director for Mason's Advanced Coaching Program and as a past director of the Mason Institute for Leadership Excellence. She is thrilled to serve as the MCC Director of Training in this coach certification program.

In her own coaching practice, Ellen works with people to improve their intellectual and emotional flexibility while increasing awareness around leadership presence. Ellen challenges clients and coaching students to reflect on their strengths, areas for growth, values, and interpersonal skills to help them align action plans that maximize strategic goals providing sustainable change. As a master certified leadership coach, Ellen has extensive experience working with leaders in government, corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and universities. Ellen has worked with over 1,000 individuals and teams across all levels of leadership to include C-Suite, SES, VP, mid-level managers, and individual contributors.

Ellen has an M.S. in education from Old Dominion University. She is a graduate of Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program. Her M.S. in education from Old Dominion University. She is a graduate of Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program. 

Steve Gladis

Steve Gladis, Ph.D.

As a speaker, researcher, writer and executive coach, Steve teaches leadership development courses based on his 22 books and numerous articles about leadership. He also coaches CEOs, executives, and their teams. At our center, he works with the Foundations of Strengths-Based Leadership Program, the Rising Leader Development Program, the Mid-Level Leader Development Program, and the Positive Leadership Certificate Program.

A former FBI Agent, Steve has experience with both government and corporate clients in leadership development, coaching and team, and organizational behavior.

Steve, a leadership speaker, author and executive coach, is an authority on the subject of leadership. CEO of Steve Gladis Leadership Partners—a leadership development company—he is the author of 22 books on leadership and also a professor at Mason in The Mason Institute for Leadership Excellence (MILE). He works with businesses, associations, and U.S. government agencies, and he speaks regularly at conferences and corporate gatherings. A former faculty member at the University of Virginia, Steve also served as an FBI special agent and was a decorated officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. His company donates a significant portion of corporate profits back to the community. His latest books, Leading Well: Becoming a Mindful Leader-Coach, Positive Leadership: The Game Changer at Work, Smile. Breathe. Listen. The 3 Mindful Acts for Leaders, and Solving the Innovation Mystery: A Workplace Whodunit are available on

An ICF-certified coach, Steve earned both a doctorate in Education and Human Development and a master's degree in English from Mason. 

Sarah Happel

Sarah Happel, M.S., PCC, Coaching Fellow

Sarah is known for creating thought-provoking curricula that spark personal and professional transformation. Her particular expertise is in what leaders co-create with the language they use in conversations. She draws upon this expertise as the instructor for Module 3 of the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being Professional Certificate Program.

Sarah is the founder of Spectrum Leadership Solutions, whose mission is to cultivate leadership excellence in individuals, teams and organizations. Formerly an internationally competitive athlete, Sarah helps leaders and executive teams determine winning strategies for their organizations through her work as a coach and facilitator. With a background in the field of communication and transition management, Sarah has worked with leaders from five continents in four languages: German, Spanish, Italian and Finnish.

Sarah is a graduate of Kansas State University with a B.A. and B.S. in Journalism and Communications respectively. She was a Fulbright Grantee at the University of Helsinki, has taught Human Communication at Lasell College in Boston, and spent three years as a freelance journalist in Europe. She is a graduate of Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching program and holds a PCC from ICF. 


Rob Holder, B.A., MPA, PMP

Rob built a reputation for uncovering leadership strategies for my employers, including top-ranking technology companies that work with federal agencies in building new programs, introducing innovation and overhauling technical operations. He managed complex procurement and acquisition activities that provided employment and growth options. At our center, he works with the Foundations of Strengths-Based Leadership Program, the Rising Leader Development Program, the Mid-Level Leader Development Program, and the Positive Leadership Certificate Program.

Rob has solid credentials and over 30 years of experience designing and executing contracting and program initiatives for the federal government, and mobilizing resources to continuously improve performance, boost diversity and drive program effectiveness. He has superior skills in demonstrating attentive team leadership and relationship building.

His career demonstrates a strong track record of leadership for government contracting companies as well as within the military overseeing critical government infrastructure. Rob's talents have contributed to my success in managing teams of 55 to more than 300 staff members while addressing various workforce relations, performance, and other issues and concerns. By applying his strong skills in forming and retaining teams, he has provided critical support to human resources endeavors while meeting labor management goals and adhering to IT policies and procedures.

Rob earned a master's degree from Golden Gate University and a bachelor's degree from Howard University. 

Cliff Kayser

Cliff Kayser, MSHR, MSOD, PCC, Coaching Fellow

Cliff is a Mason Coaching Fellow and teaches in Mason’s Advanced Coaching program and also Module 5 of the coach certification program. In both programs, Cliff draws upon his considerable expertise as an executive coach, organization development consultant, and leadership trainer/facilitator who specializes in Polarity Approach for Continuity and Transformation (“PACT”). At our center, he works with the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being Professional Certificate Program and worked with the Advanced Coaching Program in Leadership and Well-Being.

Cliff is Vice President of Polarity Partnerships, LLC and President and Founder of XPERIENCE, LLC. He designs and delivers PACT programs worldwide for leadership, team, and organization well-being and has experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Prior to launching XPERIENCE, LLC in 2007 and joining Polarity Partnerships in 2012, he was Vice President of Organizational Development and Training for The National Cooperative Bank (NCB) and spent nearly a decade serving The Washington Post newspaper as Senior Organization Development Consultant and The Washington Post Company as Corporate Manager of Human Resources and Training. Cliff is also adjunct faculty in American University's Organization Development graduate program, KEY Executive Leadership certificate program, the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and The Federal Executive Institute under the Office of Personnel Management. He also serves as dean and lead faculty for the two-year Mastery Program in Polarity Thinking.

Cliff holds dual masters degrees from American University in human resource management and organizational development. His B.S. is in history and business from Lenoir-Rhyne University, and training with Georgetown’s Leadership Coaching program. He is a PCC-accredited coach. 

Nance Lucas

Nance Lucas, Ph.D.

Dr. Nance Lucas serves as the Executive Director of Mason’s Center for the Advancement of Well-Being and is an Associate Professor of Leadership Studies at Mason. She leads Mason’s Well-Being University initiative in collaboration with colleagues across the institution while also leading global and national efforts to advance human flourishing and organizational well-being. At our center, Nance is a co-instructor for Module 1 of the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being Professional Certificate Program and also works with the Foundations of Strengths-Based Leadership Program, the Rising Leader Development Program, and the Mid-Level Leader Development Program. She has also worked with the Advanced Coaching in Leadership and Well-Being Program.

As a leadership scholar and facilitator, Nance has extensive experience in leadership development, organization well-being, strengths-based leadership, and engagement. She inspires people to rethink their traditional notions of leadership to one that puts people and purpose at the core of leadership. Nance has experience in leadership development engagements at all levels of leadership – from entry to senior levels. She has worked with federal agencies, higher education institutions, and for- and non-profit organizations at local, national, and international levels.

Nance is co-author of Exploring Leadership: For College Students Who Want To Make A Difference (1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions), a best-selling book of Jossey-Bass Publishers. She received a Ph.D. in higher education with a concentration in leadership studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. Her Master's degree in higher education and Bachelor's degree in industrial and organizational psychology are from the Pennsylvania State University. 

Mary Elizabeth Lynch

Mary Elizabeth Lynch, M.A., J.D.

Mary Elizabeth is an educator, attorney-mediator and conflict transformation professional who inspires self-leadership in individuals at all organizational levels. She is a Senior Fellow at Mason’s Center for the Advancement of Well-Being (CWB). As an adjunct faculty member at Mason, she teaches graduate and undergraduate students the principles of self-leadership, emotional and somatic intelligence, and well-being and constructive approaches to resolving inner and outer conflicts. She has also served as a faculty member for Mason’s advanced coaching program, and as the lead instructor for a 100-hour certificate training program called Well-Being Foundations of Personal Transformation. At our center, she has worked with the Advanced Coaching in Leadership and Well-Being Program.

Her training, rooted in her knowledge and application of well-being practices, help organizational leaders identify and apply core values, positively engage emotional intelligence, and build capacity for creativity and resilience. Mary Elizabeth, who has a professional background in law and mediation, has assisted individuals and groups in shaping personal and organizational missions and ideals. These ideals become the foundation from which leaders can navigate personal and professional challenges, constructively work through inter and intrapersonal conflicts, and create healthy organizational cultures.

As a member of the Virginia State Bar association, Mary Elizabeth practiced employment and family law for 14 years. She is a certified mediation trainer through the Virginia Supreme Court’s Department of Dispute Resolution Services, and worked in partnership with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to resolve employment disputes through the mediation process. Currently, she teaches a course on whole-brain problem-solving and mediation techniques through the Northern Virginia Mediation Service. 

She is the co-founder, president and primary course leader for the non-profit organization called The Personal Transformation and Courage Institute. Through this organization, Mary Elizabeth works with individuals, groups and organizations teaching concepts and practices which focus on values clarification and capacity building for resilience and well-being. She is personally committed to self-reflective practices and to intentionally applying the core values that inspire her positive contributions to the communities in which she teaches and serves.

Mary Elizabeth earned a doctorate in law from the University of Virginia, a master's degree in philosophy from the University of Dayton, and a bachelor's degree in philosophy from Rockhurst College.

 Michelle Marks

Michelle Marks, Ph.D.

Michelle is Vice President for Academic Innovation and New Ventures in the Office of the Provost at Mason. In 2013, she led the development of Mason’s 10-year strategic plan.

She is also on the faculty of the School of Business at Mason. As professor of management, she has spent her career studying leadership development and teamwork in organizations. She has published theoretical models and empirical studies that illustrate the dynamic nature of the collaborative processes used by organizational teams and the critical roles of team leaders. Also, she has authored and delivered more than 75 peer review journal articles and national conference research presentations.

In 2006, Michelle won Mason's Teaching Excellence Award, and in 2008 and 2011, she won the Executive MBA Professor of the Year award. She teaches courses in organizational behavior, change management, high performing teams, leadership, global business and human resource management in executive, MBA, technology management masters and undergraduate programs. Michelle has led Mason graduate student short-term study abroad courses to the United Arab Emirates, China, Japan, France, Hungary, Austria, England, and the Czech Republic, where students study global business and cross-cultural adaptability.

She earned both a doctorate and a master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Mason.

Daphne Miller

Daphne Miller, PCC, Coaching Fellow

Daphne is an executive coach, facilitator and trainer who works with senior leaders to mid-level managers in the federal and for-profit arenas. Her expertise is in working with individuals and groups with an emphasis on leadership development, communication and developing strong cross-discipline partnerships. At our center, Daphne works with the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being Professional Certificate Program and has worked with the Advanced Coaching in Leadership and Well-Being Program. 

Previous to becoming a coach, Daphne was part of the quality team during her tenure with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company during their successful bid for the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. This effort provided the foundation for her view on the importance of how self-awareness, communication and open exchange within all areas of an organization foster resilient relationships. In her leadership roles with Ritz-Carlton and later Kinko’s Corporate she started her own practices around creating new habits and behaviors that supported sustainable improvement. She discovered coaching when she engaged her own coach and came to understand the power that a coaching relationship brings to one’s learning and development.

In 2003, she started her own coaching company, DDM Consulting. Since that time, she has worked with hundreds of clients as they create their own paths at work, in leadership and at home. Daphne respects the coaching relationship and how it can offer new perspectives for coachees and open doors that they may not have ever noticed before. Daphne challenges and supports her clients to meet their goals through finding new paths in meeting challenges and opportunities.

Daphne is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas with a B.A. in Communications and Business Administration. She received her coach training from Newfield. Daphne is also a graduate of the Mason Advanced Coaching Program and is a PCC-accredited coach. 

Kris Miller

Kris Miller, MBA, PCC

As an executive leadership coach and consultant, Kris works with individual leaders and teams across sectors including finance, healthcare, non-profits and government. He serves on the faculty for Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership, Leadership Coach Training program. At our center, he works with the Mid-Level Leader Development Program and has worked with the Advanced Coaching in Leadership and Well-Being Program.

His background combines executive coaching with more than 20 years of experience as an executive, building U.S.- and U.K.-based global satellite telecom companies. He has extensive experience in the federal government sector, including multiple agencies in the Intelligence Community, OPIC, and NIAID.

Kris is a lifelong learner, including advanced study of adult development. He loves working with clients on pushing the edges of the latest research and best practices supporting transformational learning. He challenges clients to examine business and personal goals from a new, calm, and broader perspective. They move forward with a stronger sense of self-direction and overall well-being. Kris is a founding partner of the Collective Leaders Project and the Washington Coaching Group.

He is certified in many assessments, and one of his favorites is the Leadership Circle Profile and Leadership Culture Survey. Kris earned a master's degree in Business Administration from George Washington University and a bachelor's degree in Finance from Louisiana State University.

Fran Nurthen

Francis Nurthen 

As a strategist, facilitator, strengths coach and speaker Fran consults on leadership and organizational development. His work integrates strengths awareness, positive psychology appreciative inquiry and strategic organizational development. At our center, he works with the Mid-Level Leader Development Program.

He is a retired federal executive with 37 years of service, with particular expertise in strengths-based individual and organizational development. He has worked in private, public and university sectors. Fran has worked as a strengths-coach to over 200 mid- and senior-level executives in the private sector, and as a strategic advisor to senior leaders.

He was Chief of Human Resources Development for the 36,000-person U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from 1990 until 2002. Fran was responsible for training, labor and management employee relations, program evaluation, and organizational and individual development. He is considered by many as key agent for strategic enterprise change, both in the corps and across the federal government. Since retiring from federal service, he has been: Director of Federal Leadership Programs for the Academy of Leadership at the University of Maryland; Senior Fellow at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business in the Office of Executive Education; Director of the Mason Institute for Leadership Excellence; Capstone advisor to students enrolled in the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology Program at the University of Pennsylvania; Leadership, OD, strengths coach at Weston Solutions Inc.

Fran completed three years of study toward an undergraduate degree at Northern Virginia Community College and Mason. His education has taken a non-traditional path. He has over 45 years of experience in professional HR, OD and coaching positions, which have provided vast subject matter knowledge and perpetual education.  

Mandy O

Olivia (Mandy) O'Neill, Ph.D.

Mandy is assistant professor of management in Mason’s School of Business, and a senior scholar at the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being. She teaches MBA and undergraduate courses in organizational behavior, negotiations, global management, leadership, and organizational change.

Her research interests include organizational culture, emotions and gender, and the impact of emotions on interpersonal relations, employee attitudes, career success, health behavior, corporate strategy, innovation, and performance. She has published in a variety of academic and practitioner journals (such as Administrative Science Quarterly and Harvard Business Review) and has collaborated with corporations in the healthcare, high tech, retail, and emergency service sectors.

Mandy earned a doctorate in Business Administration from Stanford University.

Julie Owen

Julie Owen, Ph.D.

Julie is an Associate Professor of Leadership Studies at the School of Integrative Studies at Mason. She is the author of over 20 publications, and is a frequent presenter, consultant, and keynote speaker on topics related to leadership, social change, and organizational development. At our center, Julie works with the Rising Leader Development Program.

She teaches courses on socially responsible leadership, civic engagement, higher education, and community-based research. Her primary focus is on higher education and student leadership development.

Julie earned a doctorate in Counseling and Personnel Services from the University of Maryland, a master's degree in Counseling Psychology and College Student Personnel Administration from James Madison University, and a bachelor's degree in English and Psychology from the College of William and Mary. She also earned a certificate in Non-Profit Management from Duke University. 

Pam Patterson

Pamela L. Patterson, Ph.D., PCC, Senior Coaching Fellow

Pam is Associate Vice President of University Life at Mason, with combined experience in leadership and university administration. She is also a Senior Coaching Fellow at the Mason Institute for Leadership Excellence (MILE) and the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being (CWB). At our center, Pam co-instructs Module 1 of the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being Professional Certificate Program and has worked with the Advanced Coaching in Leadership and Well-Being Program.  

At Mason, Pam was a member of a team that created and implemented a leader development curriculum for executive education and a separate program for faculty and staff. She is a co-founder and co-chair of MasonLeads, the Leadership Legacy Program, and serves as co-director of Mason’s Strengths Academy.

Her professional interests are in the science and application of individual and organizational well-being, leadership, and coaching. Pam received her Strengths Specialist Certification through The Gallup Organization and is also licensed and certified by the Institute of HeartMath as a Resilience Advantage Trainer.

Pam earned her doctorate in higher education from Mason. She received her M.S. in sport administration and B.S. in community health from Eastern Illinois University. She is a graduate of Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program. She holds a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification through the International Coach Federation.  

Penny Potter

Penny Potter, Ph.D., PCC, Coaching Fellow

As Director of Executive Education for our center, Penny combines her expertise as both a scholar and practitioner to ensure that working with adults who attend leadership programs can apply their learning to the real world of work. Penny’s doctoral research was on the transformation and development of coaching students. She includes some of her research findings was the instructor for Module 2 of the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being Professional Certificate Program. She also works with the Foundations of Strengths-Based Leadership Program, the Rising Leader Development Program, the Mid-Level Leader Development Program, and the Positive Leadership Certificate Program.

Penny has been a leadership consultant and coach working with public and private sectors with expertise in leveraging a strengths-based approach to build organizational leadership capacity. She is keenly interested in the impact of practicing inquiry and openness for leaders and their organization. Penny uses her experience as a former senior leader to ensure the MILE programs she oversees are grounded in both scholarship and practical solutions. Penny has managed small- and large-scale client programs, and designed curricula and delivered leadership courses for organizations such as World Bank, UN Foundation, Gates Foundation, and many government agencies.

Penny earned her doctorate from Fielding Graduate University in human and organization systems. She holds a M.S. from Mason in Organizations Development and Knowledge Management and a B.S. in Psychology from James Madison University. She received her coaching certification from Georgetown University and her Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation from the International Coach Federation. 

Michael Rochelle

Michael D. Rochelle, MPA, PCC, Coaching Fellow

Mike, a retired lieutenant general, is a Coaching Fellow at Mason's Center for the Advancement of Well-Being (CWB). He calls upon his considerable active duty military leadership in the U.S. Army, where he headed the Human Capital Office. Mike is co-instructor for Module 4 on Coaching the Resilient Leader in the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being Professional Certificate Program.

Since retiring from military service, Mike has leveraged his #1 strength: Learner. He graduated from Mason’s certified coach program, and completed certifications in team coaching and is a certified SOAR trainer. He puts his learning into practice In his coaching and consulting practice. Mike’s clients include Mason's Leadership Legacy Program, Mercaris, Inc., Playa Resorts International, MTCI Consulting, Leadership Arlington and the PAC-12 NCAA Conference. 

Mike holds a Masters of Public Administration Degree (MPA) from Shippensburg University. He is a PCC accredited coach. 

Angelique Skoulas

Angelique Skoulas, Ph.D.

Angelique is a facilitator and executive coach specializing in conflict management, and communication. For more than 15 years she has worked with leaders in the corporate, non-profit and governmental sectors to improve strategies and develop capacity.

Her clients have included The Department of Defense, Johnson and Johnson, The United States Congress, The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, Partners HealthCare, and The Institute for Diversity in Civic Leadership. She currently runs a leadership course for top scientists at the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases. She is also the co-director of the Graduate Leadership Studies program at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, where her research includes studying the impact that courses on effective communication and conflict management have on career development. Angelique is a graduate of the Leadership Coaching Program at Georgetown University; and is a credentialed executive coach through the International Coach Federation. She is a former Congressional Fellow with the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Angelique earned a doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of the Pacific and a master's degree in Public Administration from Harvard University. 

Richard Strozzi-Heckler

Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Ph.D., MCC

Richard is an author, researcher, teacher in the field of somatics and embodied leadership. In his embodied leadership programs he focuses on purpose, executing on commitments, managing mood, building trust, and cultivating grounded compassion and pragmatic wisdom. At our center, he works with the Foundations of Strengths-Based Leadership Program, the Rising Leader Development Program, the Mid-Level Leader Development Program, and the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being Professional Certificate Program.

He has worked to build a leadership culture in technology start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. military, and non-profit organizations.

Richard has been working with individuals, teams, and organizations for over 47 years. He draws on his experience with meditation to cultivate wisdom and vision, his years of training in the martial arts to develop skillful action, and his experience as a somatic coach and therapist to integrate moods and emotions in leadership development.

He earned a doctorate in Psychology from the University of Washington. Richard is also a  Master Certified Coach (MCC) from the International Coach Federation, and a seventh degree Black Belt in Aikido. 

Mark Thurston

Mark Thurston, Ph.D.

Mark is Director of Educational Programs at Mason’s Center for the Advancement of Well-Being (CWB). He has been a part of the center's staff since its founding in January 2009. 

He is coordinator and advisor for Mason’s undergraduate minor in Well-Being, and he teaches required and elective courses for the minor, including "Mindfulness, Meaning, and Well-Being." He has also served as an affiliate faculty member of Mason’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR) where he has taught the course “Conflict Transformation from the Inside Out.”  With an academic background in psychology, Mark worked for 35 years before coming to Mason in adult education related to consciousness, holistic health, and personal transformation. He is author of numerous books related to personal spirituality, dream psychology, meditation, and the transformation of consciousness.

Chris Wahl

Chris Wahl, M.A., MCC

Chris is certified as a Master Coach through the International Coach Federation and is certified as a developmental coach through the Interdevelopmental Institute. Chris works with leaders and their teams in various industries to cultivate and promote well-being while they manage multiple challenges and achieve business results. At MILE, she has worked with the Advanced Coaching in Leadership and Well-Being Program.

She founded the Leadership Coaching Program at Georgetown University in 1999 and worked as its director for 12 years. After stepping away from that position, she continues to teach a course on team coaching in the Georgetown program. In addition, she has studied Adult Development and its implications for coaching for the past eight years, and is certified to score the MAP assessment (Maturity Assessment Profile). She teaches a course entitled “Mindful Transitions” at Mason in its advanced coaching program, where she marries adult development theory with transition theory. Chris brings her awareness of the challenges of transitions for leaders, coupled with her ability to translate and apply adult development theory, to her active coaching practice. She has written articles on coaching for various publications, she co-authored Be Your Own Coach, and most recently co-edited the second edition of On Becoming a Leadership Coach.

Chris earned a master's degree in Counseling from Mason, and a bachelor's degree in Psychology and French from the University of Tennessee. 

Steve Zaccaro

Steve Zaccaro, Ph.D.

Steve is a Professor of Psychology at Mason. He also is an experienced leadership coach.

He has written more than 100 journal articles, book chapters, and technical reports on group dynamics, team performance, leadership, and work attitudes. He has authored the book The Nature of Executive Leadership: A Conceptual and Empirical Analysis of Success (2001) and co-edited three other books, Occupational Stress and Organizational Effectiveness (1987), The Nature of Organizational Leadership: Understanding the Performance Imperatives Confronting Today's Leaders (2001), and Leader Development for Transforming Organizations (2004). He was co-editor of special issues of the Leadership Quarterly (1991-1992) on individual differences and leadership, and a special issue for Group and Organization Management (2002) on the interface between leadership and team dynamics.

He has directed funded research projects in the areas of team performance, shared mental models, leader-team interfaces, leadership training and development, leader adaptability, and executive coaching. He serves on the editorial board of The Leadership Quarterly, and is an associate editor for Journal of Business and Psychology and Military Psychology



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